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Lewis and Clark Now Offering Competitively Priced Chemistry and Toxicology Services

Lewis and Clark Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the availability of organic, analytical chemistry and toxicology contract services at extremely competitive pricing. Using its state-of-the-art organic synthesis and analytical chemistry laboratories located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the company is offering chemical synthesis and analysis, non-clinical dose formulation and plasma concentration analysis, assay development, toxicology and non-clinical consulting. To provide these expert services are three PhD-level organic chemists with 12-30+ years of experience, an analytical chemist, a chemical engineer, and a PhD Board-certified Toxicologist with 23 years of experience. Lewis and Clark’s equipment includes HPLC, LC Mass Spectrometer, and NMR. A full list of services is available through the link to our Services Brochure below. For pricing, please contact Robert Thompson at 434-825-2412 or