Lewis and Clark Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the availability of organic, analytical chemistry and toxicology contract services at extremely competitive pricing. Using its state-of-the-art organic synthesis and analytical chemistry laboratories located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the company is offering chemical synthesis and analysis, non-clinical dose formulation and plasma concentration analysis, assay development, toxicology and non-clinical consulting. To provide these expert services are three PhD-level organic chemists with 12-30+ years of experience, an analytical chemist, a chemical engineer, and a PhD Board-certified Toxicologist with 23 years of experience. Lewis and Clark’s equipment includes HPLC, LC Mass Spectrometer, and NMR. A full list of services is available through the link to our Services Brochure below. For pricing, please contact Robert Thompson at 434-825-2412 or rthompson@LNCPharma.com.